Saturday, August 30, 2014

Problems with modern Cell Phones and Solutions

Because of the advancement of the technology we are have a wireless communication network and we are free from wires. Cell Phones have replaced the landlines to a great extent and now it is WI-FI that is replacing the wired network connections. Most of the people are welcoming this change because this technology is giving them power to move around and be able to use the internet anywhere in their home or office. The other advantages of the wireless network are that they are cheaper than the wired networks and they also easily accessible and reachable.

 You don’t have to install anything new if you want to connect more devices to the network and more and more devices can be connected to these networks easily. With all these advantages wireless networks also have some disadvantages and these are they give you low data speed as compared to wired networks and they are less secure and can be easily hacked since the signals are broadcasted. The network strength is also affected by the walls and fences. Dead zones are present where there is no network coverage. And they also get affected by weather conditions.

Wireless network is bad on a rainy day or when the storm comes. Wireless network providers are working on these problems and they are trying to figure out some ways to omit these problems. There are some solutions available like installing mobile cell phone signal booster. These boosters are capable of boosting the signal strength to high extent and an antenna for cell phone. A cell phone signal booster greatly improves the network strength and they are the only solution to all your network related problems. These devices enhance the capability of your devices to collect signals and to give you a better browsing experience that you ever had.

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